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The first few days of buy India phone number list an expired listing are like a tornado of activity. This tornado, much like the natural occurrence, sweeps up anything in its path. Real estate professionals across the city are buy India phone number list excited at the new opportunity of a listing and are buy India phone number list anxiously calling away and the home owner is in a daze with volumes of phone calls and mail. This whirlwind experience ends almost as quickly as it begins however.

After the first 5 days of an expired listing, the excitement for most real estate professionals wears off. Many assume that they have already "re-listed buy India phone number list" the home which is why they aren't picking up the phone. After all, if they really wanted to list the home again, surely they would answer their phone, right? The home owner likewise buy India phone number list is coming out of the wind with fewer calls and their mailbox buy India phone number list and doorstep are no longer overstuffed with information. It's amazing what can happen in just 5 days.

For the average real estate professional, they don't have a system of follow up in place for expired sellers so by day 5 they have already moved  buy India phone number list on to the next fresh batch of potential sellers. Taking expired listings monthly means understanding that it is going to take more than 3-5 phone calls before you take the listing. Sure buy India phone number list, it is possible to get the home owner on the first phone call, set the appointment, and take the listing but that is a process that will get you maybe a listing every other month. In order to take 2,4,6, or buy India phone number list even 10+ expired listings monthly requires having a process of following up with your potential listings. Follow up on expired sellers should involve two major components: mail and buy India phone number list. Taking time to have a balanced attack will bring sellers calling you and make your phone calls easier.


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